The knowledge that laughter is good for health has been around forever. Here is what’s new: There are now concrete tools that all can use to work with it! You don’t need to get the joke, feel good, or even have a reason to laugh!

We have systematized laughter into an exercise modality that is easy to learn and implement (no particular space, equipment or form of clothing are required), is sustainable, reliable, low-impact, universally well tolerated and inclusive in nature. It’s a valid wellbeing solution throughout people’s lifespans.

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Educate yourself: Why you care: The lymphatic system has no pump. It’s movements and deep(er) breathing that moves it around…which is possibly why laughter has such a strong impact on the immune system. See MoreSee Less

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Tanaz Bamboat shared the following elevator pitch outline that she learned at a recent workshop she attended at her local chamber of commerce:
Hello, my name is ………..
I am a …………………
I help people to ……….
And to achieve………
So that………..
Call to action……
Distribute business cards.
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Laughter is a sense of proportion and a power of seeing yourself from the outside. -- Zero Mostel
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The 9th annual, 2014 All America Laughter Wellness and Laughter Yoga conference will take place in Los Angeles, California, on October 23-26, 2014. Our theme this year is New Frontiers In Wellness. We’ll explore how Laughter Professionals worldwide are reinventing Wellness Programs, bringing laughter to people of all ages and physical conditions in a variety of social and professional settings with simple activities that heal the mind, body and soul.

2014 All America Laughter Yoga Conference