We're Celebrating 10 Years!

The American School Of Laughter Yoga was founded in 2004 and played a major role in introducing the Indian laughter yoga exercise regime in North America. It continues to play a major role in social laughter clubs.

We’ve since evolved quite a bit. Here are our current projects:

Laughter Wellness

There is a new frontier in wellness!

Laughter Wellness offers in-person beginner to advanced trainings on therapeutic laughter.

Ideal for those who are seeking or want to teach the physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual benefits of laughter.


Laughter Online University

LOU is the ultimate online laughter learning center. It offers beginner to advanced trainings, continuing education and professional resources on therapeutic laughter. Ideal for those who want to learn in their own time at their own pace or who can’t make it to the face to face training options provided by Laughter Wellness.


The Laughter Consultants

The Laughter Consultants are experts in corporate health and wellbeing.

We’re professional, knowledgeable, informative, flexible and fun!

Ideal for those organizations who wish to boost moral and productivity, or reduce stress and costs.


(Click on this image to download the associated .pdf file.)

Become a Certified Laughter Wellness Teacher!

Refresher: Why Laughter Is An Untapped Science

Here is an overview of the many benefits of laughter.

Physical Health

Who Benefits?

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