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Sebastien Gendry

Sebastien Gendry is the Laughter Wellness guy, and one of America’s leading Gelotologists. A stress-related burnout led him to discover and experience the healing power of laughter in early 2000. It did much better than change his life. It changed him.

He is the founder and CEO of the Laughter Online University (LOU) as well as the American School Of Laughter Yoga, LLC, and has been involved with the worldwide Laughter Yoga movement at the highest level since 2005. He is a Master Laughter Yoga trainer and the creator of Laughter Wellness, a complete, easily actionable methodology for wellbeing that uses safe and sound movements and behaviors of health, joy and connectedness that’s grounded in science and cognitive psychology. He has travelled over 20 times around the world training hundreds of Laughter Professionals across the Americas, Europe and Australia.

Sebastien currently dedicates most of his time running the Laughter Online University (LOU), a world leading supplier of online laughter education. LOU was created to meet an ever increasing demand for people who want to experience a greater understanding of wellness through laughter. It offers laughter education and support to individuals and professionals worldwide who want to have fun making a difference and help their family, peers and clients to laugh to “live fully until they die.”

Sebastien encapsulates and shares the power of positive and playful energy and creativity. His authentic and engaging style motivates and empowers audiences with practical tools they can use to better their health and quality of life. This is much more than being just “not sick.”

He has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, 60 minutes, ABC Good Morning America, and National Public Radio, and has worked with organizations and associations such as Microsoft, Creative Artist Agency and the American Society On Aging. He is the author of a series of reference ebooks and DVDs on Laughter Yoga and Laughter Wellness.

His purpose is to help people now, because their timeline is shortening.

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Sebastien Gendry

10 facts about Sebastien Gendry
  • Started to sleep under his bed frame at age 4 because “all explorers sleep in a tent.”
  • Fell in love with computers at age 14. Programming in BASIC replaced listening to international broadcastings on the AM shortwave frequency as his new hobby.
  • Hitch-hiked around Southern Europe during his summer vacations at age 15 and 16, around Northern Europe at age 17, and around the world for the first time at age 18.
  • Developed a keen interest for writing and action photography in his late teens. Put that into practice by working for 4 years as a part-time sports journalist to pay for his travels and university studies. Juggled a 60 hours / week schedule between work and studying while his friends partied.
  • Spoke 4 languages fluently by the time he was 21 (French, English, German, Spanish). Worked as a professional interpreter for the French army for 1 year. Learned Italian for fun in his down time.
  • Soldiering made him fit. Ran 5 marathons and 1 ultra-marathon (100 kilometers).
  • Worked for 1,5 years in the import-export trade out of Zagreb (Croatia), Vienna (Austria) and Hong Kong after obtaining his B.A. in international business from Angers University, France, then moved to London, UK, to work in the computer industry.
  • Founded http://www.eims.biz with 2 partners in 1995 and opted out 7 years later for health and personal reasons. EIMS was already a multi million £ operation at that point.
  • Developed an interest in the healing arts in 1998, trained for 3 years in his spare time in 9 different body-work and healing modalities and got professionally certified as Swedish, Sports, Thai, and Indian Head-Massage Therapist, Cranio-Sacral Therapy I and II, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Hatha Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master. Decided to become an Osteopathic Doctor in 2001, successfully passed the entry exams of the London School of Osteopathy, but unexpected events happened that summer and he opted for a different life path.
  • Moved to California and ran a healing practice Joie De Vivre Unlimited for 3 years before discovering Laughter Yoga.
Some of Sebastien Gendry’s achievements in the Laughter Yoga World
+ Wrote the first official Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher training manuals in 2005.

+ Organized the first Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher trainings by Dr Kataria outside of India (USA 2x and France 1x) in 2005 and 2006.

+ Managed a team of developers for a whole year in 2005-2006 and rebuilt www.laughteryoga.org from the ground up.

+ Organized the first national Laughter Yoga conference outside of India in 2006, and has been the organizer of the annual All America Laughter Yoga conference since then. Watch the videos / photo albums: 20062007200820092010201120122013.

+ Served as World Operations Director for Laughter Yoga International in 2005-2007 and played a direct role in having Laughter Yoga featured in the following media and many more:

Laughter In The News

+ Played a direct role in 2008 in the organization of the first global laugh (20+ million people, 180 countries).

+ Introduced Laughter Yoga in Russia in 2009.

Sebastien Gendry’s Laughter Photo Album

Sebastien has travelled over 500,000 kilometers since 2004 to train hundreds of Laughter Professionals on 4 continents, averaging about 4 months on the road every year. See some of the pictures at https://plus.google.com/photos/118217229014825256713/albums?banner=pwa
Photo Album of Sebastien Gendry

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