Here is a list of 25 Laughter Yoga exercises that we have compiled to help you easily get started using laughter as a form of exercise. This is a teaser on the theme of “Laughter Greetings” intended to get your own creativity going. You will find plenty more here.

  1. Air kiss laughter greeting: kiss the air 3 or 4 times a few inches away one from another and laugh as you do so.
  2. Army salute laughter: raise your right hand sharply and slightly to the right of your right eye. Keep your fingers and thumb joined and extended as you make this motion. Laugh as you salute.
  3. Asian greeting laughter: hands by the side, laugh as you bend forward and greet others.
  4. Confetti greeting laughter: laugh and make joyful movements as you throw around lots of imaginary confetti.
  5. Constant contact laughter handshake: laugh as you shake hand with people as if to greet them, but only let go the hand of a person when you are shaking the hand of someone else (both your hands will be busy).

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  1. Courtesan laughter greeting: take your hat off in a flurry of circles while lowering down on one knee.
  2. Ear-wiggle laughter greeting: while making an extended “aeeee” sound, slowly bring your left hand around the back of your head to reach your right ear. Laugh as you wiggle your right ear. Then do the same to the other side of your head using your right hand. Repeat several times.
  3. Electric shock laughter greeting: imagine that everything you touch gives you a shock of static electricity. Chant an extended “aeee” sound as you approach one finger to your target, then jump backward and laugh each time you touch it.
  1. Fastest handshake in the west laughter: slowly pull one hand out of your pocket as if drawing a gun, while making an extended “aeeeeee” sound. Then suddenly shake hands with someone else and laugh.
  2. Ha ha ha name introduction: make a circle. Each person says his or her name in turn and laughs.
  3. Happy laughter greeting: how would your laughter sound and how would you behave if you were the happiest person you know?
  4. Hula hooping laughter greeting: face someone, then both at the same time make an extended “aeeee” sound as you draw circles parallel to the ground with your hips, as if playing with a hula hoop, then laugh when you reach full speed. Laugh for a couple of seconds then repeat the whole sequence with someone else.

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  1. Humming laughter greeting: laugh with your mouth closed as you greet people in the manner of your choice.
  2. Just laugh: laugh as you shrug your shoulders and make a big smile as you try to convey the message with your eyes and body language “I absolutely don’t know why I am laughing.”
  3. Laughter greeting eyes closed: invite all to come close together and laugh as they keep their eyes closed and slowly move around, looking for people to greet in the manner of their choice.
  4. Laughter handshake: laugh as you shake hands with people.
  5. Laughter hiccup greeting: add a hiccup to your laughter as you greet people in the manner of your choice.

Do you like these exercises so far? If so please help us spread our message of joy! We have more waiting for you on this page, and you need to do your part now before you can access them.


  1. Laughter musical scale greeting: sing the musical scale up and down in laughter language as you greet people.
  2. Namaste laughter: put your hands together in front of your chest (palms facing), and laugh as you bow your head to one another. No words need to be spoken. Namaste means “the light in me bows to the light in you”.
  3. Olympic laughter greeting: perform any greeting as if you were at an Olympic competition for the best technique.
  4. Radiating love laughter greeting: laugh as you put your hands together in a heart shape in front of you, palms a few inches one from another, tip of the fingers touching. Imagining that you are radiating love and goodwill through this symbolic heart shape.
  5. Royal greeting laughter: moderately wave one hand up in the air and laugh.
  6. Secret laughter greeting: laugh as you greet all in a sequence of three motions of your own choosing.
  7. Shaky handshake laughter greeting: laugh as you try to shake hands with people with a shaky hand that you can barely control.
  8. Stuck smile laughter greeting: with mouth wide open, freeze your smile, make eye contact with those around you, and fake laughter for about one minute. (keep laughing if you can’t stop!)


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  2. […] Laugh:  Drs. Steven J. Wolin and Sybil Wolin have noted the connection between creativity and humor in people who are resilient.  Check out some of these laughter exercises. […]

  3. […] Laugh:  Drs. Steven J. Wolin and Sybil Wolin have noted the connection between creativity and humor in people who are resilient.  Check out some of these laughter exercises. […]

  4. […] Laugh:  Drs. Steven J. Wolin and Sybil Wolin have noted the connection between creativity and humor in people who are resilient.  Check out some of these laughter exercises. […]

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