How to create and maintain a daily laughing alone practice

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Laughter heals, whether it is practiced in a group or alone. In this article you will discover how it can be used as a low impact form of exercise that is very beneficial to people suffering from chronic ailments, those with limited physical abilities, and anybody unable to join a local Laughter Club.

Many Laughter Professionals around the world have tried the techniques outlined in this article with positive results. People love them as they help release tension and maintain good health.

You can easily practice them when your mind is in turmoil, in your (or anybody else’s!) bathroom for guaranteed privacy, as you walk, in your car, while doing household chores… The options are infinite and up to you. Be creative!

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Practice these techniques for 40 days and laughter will become a new habit for you. Your brain will develop new circuits and the awareness that you can always choose to laugh will becomes a part of your unconscious mind.

5 Things To Understand Before You Start A Solo Laughter Practice

[i color=”red”]icon-circle[/i] No new pain! Although laughing as a form of exercise has proven itself to be safe in most instances, individuals with physical or psychological medical histories should definitely consult the appropriate medical health professional for specific guidance prior to using these or any exercise routine.

In particular, if you suffer from anything complicated, advanced, acute, severe, unstable or uncontrolled you technically have a ticking bomb waiting to explode inside of you. In doubt, always first ask your doctor before engaging in these or any other physical exercise.

[i color=”red”]icon-circle[/i] Fake is fine. Of course your mind will always know whether your are genuinely laughing or not, but your body never will because it can’t. Your body can only feel, it can’t think. Laughing genuinely requires rare and very specific circumstances, and usually never lasts more than a few seconds at a time in daily life. This is different. You can choose to laugh with as much enthusiasm as you want, anytime and anywhere you want, for as long as your stamina allows. Truly this is about breathing, not laughing. We use laughter as a tool, a means to an end because it allows for more air circulations in the lower lungs. You do not need to feel good or be happy to do this anymore than you need to to walk, swim or engage in any sport. Choose to laugh, because you can. Making this a conscious choice creates an open and positive frame of mind, and will help you with your practice.
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Learn a valuable therapeutic laughter skillset with the American School Of Laughter Yoga. We teach a modern, time-tested and systematic approach to personal and professional wellness through laughter worldwide since 2004. Learn all you need to know to teach Laughter Yoga, Laughter Wellness, and how to use your therapeutic laughter skills for free and for fee.

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[i color=”red”]icon-circle[/i] Put feelings in your laughter. It’s not enough to just fake it. You also need to believe in it. Do this with as much enthusiasm as you can muster.
[i color=”red”]icon-circle[/i] Give it a chance. Try these techniques for no less than 10 minutes at a time (you can keep going for as long as your stamina allows and/or it makes you feel good), and do not judge the quality of your laughter. Here you are invited to laugh on your own terms so what you do is always a success, and it will also always be fresh and different. See reminder #2.
[i color=”red”]icon-circle[/i] Play with it. There is no one exclusive way of laughing. Each person is different. Experiment with it and only keep what works for you. Find your own level comfort with sounds, volume, gestures and postures.

5 Simple Guidelines

[i color=”blue”]icon-circle[/i] Wear loose and comfortable clothing. Trousers should be tied below the navel and should not obstruct the abdominal movements. Try and avoid tight belts that restrict belly movement.
[i color=”blue”]icon-circle[/i] Relax your jaws and open your mouth a bit wider to enable laughter from the belly. If your mouth is tightly closed, laughter will come from the throat or the upper chest.
[i color=”blue”]icon-circle[/i] We invite you to alternate periods of laughter with relaxed breathing exercises eyes opened or closed, e.g. 2 minutes of laughter, 1 minute of breathing, etc.
[i color=”blue”]icon-circle[/i] You choose your when, where and how long. Start with 10 minutes and gradually increase the duration. Do this in a private space where you won’t be disturbed. If there are people around you, you can laugh without making sounds. A mornings practice is best as it allows you to start your day with a cheerful mood and good feelings, and a practice at any time is better than no practice at all.
[i color=”blue”]icon-circle[/i] Warmup. You will benefit from warming up your body before you start your laughter exercises.

If you enjoy dynamic exercises we suggest you try the 5 Laughing Tibetans 2500 Old Exercise Routine. This is a more physical approach to a solo laughter practice. It has the advantage of being a full body workout as well. Read more.

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