New research shows that ornamental plants can drastically reduce levels of stress and ill health and boost performance levels at work because they soak up harmful indoor air pollution. Researchers have now identified four “super ornamental plants” which every workplace should have to clean up indoor air.

Reduce Stress, Boost Performance

The research team tested 28 common indoor ornamental plants for their ability to remove five volatile indoor pollutants. “The volatile compounds tested in this study can adversely affect indoor air quality and have a potential to seriously compromise the health of exposed individuals,” Prof. Kays was quoted as saying. The study concluded that simply introducing common ornamental plants into indoor spaces has the potential to significantly improve the quality of indoor air. “As well as the obvious health benefits, the increased use of indoor plants in both ‘green’ and traditional buildings could have a tremendous positive impact on the ornamental plant industry by increasing customer demand and sales,” Prof Kays said.

If you’re ready to pick up a plant, here are the top four choices, specially selected for their de-polluting powers:

Learn more fascinating facts about plants in The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird.

It’s All About Oxygen

So what’s the link between green plants and Laughter Yoga?

It’s all about oxygen.

Being surrounded by green plants as suggested above is a good thing (every little bit helps) and do not loose focus of your priorities: if you don’t breathe properly in the first place green plants will do little to nothing for you.

Laughter Yoga can help you breathe better, a lot better, because it’s a very simple yet very powerful and happy form of breathwork. Laughter Yoga is all about the exhale. The more you can exhale, the more you can inhale. Try it out and see for yourself!