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The 7th Australian Conference…a huge success ! ! !

Well the 7th Australian Conference was a huge success in so many ways. Representatives and presenters from all over Australia came together to share stories of inspiration and achievement. What a talented bunch we all are. The Goyura Retreat Centre, in the Dandenong Ranges foothills in Melbourne, proved to be the perfect setting. We were surrounded by 400 hectares of farmland, a National Park, a cat with cancer in her ears who caught rabbits, and a five-month old golden retriever who just wanted to be a puppy.

The Presenters

The presenters ticked all of the boxes. From Online training, to presenting to school children in India, to stress management, to aged care and dementia, working with disabilities, cross brain training and dancing, to business, and then finishing with an open forum discussion, there was something there for everyone. My sincere thanks go to Sebastien, Bruce and Rae, Mahes, Kym, Kat, and Caroline for their efforts and contributions. Remember, if you would like to present at next year’s Conference in Sydney in October, all you have to do is ask.

The Party

The dinner party on the Saturday night was very special. Caroline brought along her Bollywood costume collection that managed to dress everyone. A three-course meal was accompanied by a local piano and flute duo, and then the dancing began. Formerly Brother, and now Father Martin, was given the new order of Saint Martin for his exceptional service. Apparently he kept on creating miracles for the group. The constant Monty Python chants of “it’s a miracle, it’s a miracle” had us in raptures for the whole night.

Master Training by Sebastien Gendry

Just prior to the Conference eleven folks joined Master Trainer Sebastien Gendry from the USA. Their feedback was very positive indeed. With more than 400,000 documented laughs on his website, he is without doubt the most creative Laughter Yoga person in the world at present. As if it wasn’t enough to have intensive Master Training from 9am to 5 pm every day, there was also a one-hour meditation session in the morning, followed by games after dinner. No wonder everyone was pleased. Thank you Sebastien

2 Day Business Training

The recently completed Deakin University Study will show that Laughter Yoga has a positive impact on people in business. For this reason there are more and more opportunities that are about to present themselves to us. For this reason it’s good to know how to present yourself to a business to ensure success. Also, it may now be possible for people to be able to make a business from Laughter Yoga. The 2 Day Business Training that was offered after the Conference is designed to help folks do this. There are now eight more people out there ready to take it all before them. Well done, and good luck to them.

The 2012 Conference

The 2012 Conference will be held in Sydney in October. It will have all of the trappings of the last one plus more. Why not put it on your Bucket List to be there. See you then.

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