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Laughter Yoga On 60 Minutes Australia

In a lifetime of reporting, no one has ever asked Charles Wooley to go out and find ‘happiness’.

Reporters get assigned to droughts, floods, earthquakes, wars and misery aplenty.

But the elusive subject of human happiness? Where do you begin?

In Australia, people are living longer and richer lives than ever; yet they’re still complaining.

So Charles ventured forth on a strange journey of self-discovery to find out why we are so unhappy and how to put a smile back on our dials.

[pl_blockquote cite=”Charles Wooley, Anchor 60 Minutes Australia”] “In all my wanderings in the pursuit of happiness, I never really got happier than in the most infections atmosphere of this quite mad, but loveable, group of laughter clubbers.”

See for the full transcript of this segment on the pursuit of happiness featuring Laughter Yoga.

[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”A97EqMtAiVM”]
Reporter: Charles Wooley
Producer: Danny Keens

4 Business Leads Found In The Laughter World News This Week

The following is of interest and value to trained and able Laughter Professionals.
Here is are 4 business leads found in the world news this week:

From New Zealand: Builders find plenty to laugh about – 1) Call your local Convention Center and ask them about their upcoming calendar of events. They rent space to people in your target market. 2) Call the event organizers and/or visit the website for each event. Note that they usually do a call for presenters about 6 months to 1 year before the actual event. Apply to present!

From Canada: Laughter Yoga in Schools – This one is just a reminder. There are plenty of schools everywhere. Call them and offer your services!

From The USA: This Laughter Professional is offering a Laughter Yoga + Sound Healing evening.
From India: This Laughter Professional partnered up with a poet and a Reiki Master for a happy evening.
The lead: partner up with local professionals in non-competing yet complementary activities! Together you will be stronger and have more success.

Report from a Laughter Club: peals of laughter heal most ailments

Here is an article – like so many – from a journalist who stumbled upon a Laughter Club in Mumbai, India. Read in this particular one the testimonial of participant Mr Sadarangani, 78, who suffered from a brain stroke last year and was bed ridden for weeks but laughter helped him get back on his feet.

“Doctors had cited an extremely slow recovery for me after the stroke. Daily sessions of laughter yoga have resulted in eighty percent recovery which the medics have endorsed to be very speedy,” he exclaimed.

Another man, Gopal Ganguli, 68, had a frozen shoulder which had left him debilitated for years, but vanished in a few weeks, after he began twirling his hands vigorously before exhaling deep breaths while laughing at yoga sessions.


Laughter Is It

Words & music by Cindy Brown & Richard Davis

Have you lost your laughter
Is life no longer fun
Of all the things that you can do
I know the perfect one

Laughter yoga
Ho ho ha ha ha
Ho ho ha ha ha
Laugh for the health of it
Laugh for the joy of it
Laugh for peace
Laughter is it

Leave our worries at the door
We clap, we breathe, we laugh
Stressed or sick or sad no more
This is what we came here for


You don’t have to laugh for real
Fake it – you’ll make it either way
Dr. K has taught us the deal
Let your body move your mind to heal


Put your heart and belly to the test
Empty out your lungs and move your breath
When you laugh your mind gets a rest
As exercise it really is the best



Laugh for the health of it
Laugh for the joy of it
Laugh for peace
Laughter is it

Click here to download the words

Click here to download the music

Unpublished work © 2011 Cynthia Brown & Richard Davis –


Research confirms: Laughter Yoga helps patients awaiting organ transplantation

Research shows that laughter has myriad health benefits, yet the medical community has not implemented it formally as a treatment. Patients awaiting organ transplantation have significant physical disabilities and are at risk for psychological distress. Attenuated heart rate variability (HRV) is a risk factor for a negative long-term outcome in some patients.

A recent research by the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona, showed that that laughter yoga improved HRV and some aspects of mood in patients awaiting transplants (three heart and three lung).

Click here to read the abstract.

April Fools’ Day Is Good for Your Heart

You may not appreciate getting pranked with a whoopee cushion or hot sauce in your food on April Fool’s Day, but a good laugh may be just what the doctor ordered.

April is National Stress Awareness Month, and a report from the Society for Vascular Surgery shows kicking it off with laughter can be very beneficial for your vascular health.

“Laughter increases blood flow and improves the function of blood vessels,” Dr. Vivienne Halpern, from the Society for Vascular Surgery said in a press release. “Reducing stress is especially beneficial for persons who have hypertension (high blood pressure).”

Stress and high blood pressure can have detrimental effects on the body. The combination of pressure at work, financial issues, and personal or relationship problems can all raise blood pressure and cause hypertension, and even cardiovascular disease.

Studies have shown that a good laugh on a regular basis can even help prevent you from getting sick.

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Academics really not happy about having to be happy at work

Here is a rather-unexpected-but-not-really-surprising news from Australia: RMIT University staff will fight against a new behavioral code that demands they promote positivity and show passion at work.


…Ms Gale said the code threatened the ability of academic and professional staff to carry out their work. ”We’re talking about a university community. People are supposed to be skeptical and questioning. That’s their job.”

Our viewpoint: ignorance is and remains the biggest enemy. Laughter opens up doors and allows you to see more, not less. Try this.

Read the full article here