Is there a road to recovery from Parkinson’s Disease? Robert Rodgers, Ph.D, believes there is and in his recent book Road To Recovery From Parkinsons Disease he sets out to show sufferers the path.

Medical treatments are improving all the time, however, at the moment there is no cure for PD. And you may also hear that complimentary therapies do not offer a cure, either. However, as we read Road To Recovery From Parkinsons Disease, we do learn about people with PD who have found complementary therapy to be a very positive experience.

Among the variety of approaches explored in the book are aromatherapy or the use of oils made from plants and flowers, ayurveda, which is a system of traditional Indian medicine, the Bowen technique that aims to restore balance through gentle manipulation of the soft tissues, certain foods, vitamins and minerals, laughter yoga, meditation, music, herbal medicine, where a herbalist builds up a complete picture of your health, lifestyle and treatments, homeopathy, massage therapies, reflexology, Yoga, Tai Chi, physical therapy, and a host of others where many of these complementary approaches are likely to be most beneficial in the treatment of the whole body, including non motor symptoms, rather than the motor or movement problems alone.

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Watch the testimonial of Gita Fendelman (towards the end of this video). Gita was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease over 5 years ago. She chose to laugh about it. See for yourself where she’s at now.


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