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Colorado: Laughter Yoga at the Botanic Gardens

Laughter Yoga leader and teacher Deb Whittaker takes her laughter club to bubbling heights at the Denver Botanic Garden early Tuesday morning, December 28, 2010. Laughter yoga is based on the idea that the body cannot tell the difference between fake and real laughter, the physiological benefits are identical. Whittaker combines spontaneous laughter with yogi breathing and stretching to stimulate oxygen flow throughout the body. Laughter yoga is said to relieve stress and depression and increase endorphins. Video by Mahala Gaylord

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Is laughter good for you? These seniors think so

SAN DIEGO – It’s a Monday morning at the Live Well center in San Diego and a group of seniors are skipping, clapping and hooting in the recreation room.

That’s precisely what Dr. Caroline Meeks, aka “Dr. Funshine” ordered. As part of her holistic practice, Meeks, a physician and author, visits senior centers and hospitals aiming to treat chronic seriousness.

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Bangalore to House World’s First International Laughter University

BANGALORE: First of its kind, a laughter university is going to launch soon in India in Bangalore. It will be the World’s first International Laughter University and will offer courses on laughter yoga therapy. Continue reading

Laughter Yoga on the phone celebrates its 4th anniversary on 12/04

What can we say? It is simply amazing.
4 years ago Gaga Barnes wanted to laugh daily with others, and the easiest way for her was to do it on the phone.
What started as a one woman idea has now grown to 12 daily 20 minutes laughter sessions.
It’s free and led by a network of volunteers. Anybody can all in (read more).

Join the 4th anniversary celebration at 9am PST (noon EST) on Saturday December 4th, 2011!
Call 712.432.3900
Follow the prompt and enter the pin 6071292#

“Dr. Funshine” prescribes laughter yoga for seniors

Laughter Yoga is a powerful form of complementary medicine. While “proper” scientific evidence remains scarce, the healing impact such a simple method has worldwide on tens of thousands of men and women of all ages, fitness and health levels cannot be belittled and dismissed as pure chance. Why wait for your doctor to tell you that laughing is good for you to try it out?

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4 Narcotic-Free Ways to Cope With Dysfunctional Family Holidays

It is interesting to observe how Laughter Yoga slowly seeps into mainstream American culture. In today’s news: 4 Narcotic-Free Ways to Cope With Dysfunctional Family Holidays. 3 are products or supplements. The 4th one is…Laughter Yoga.

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