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The Laughter Club Song

Jeffrey Briar is a man on fire! (he’s been very active lately). See his latest youtube video “the Laughter Club song”:

Video Documentary On The Origins Of Laughter Yoga

The origins of India’s well known laughing clubs is revealed in this documentary, one of the first produced on the subject. Interviews with laughter club founder Dr. Kataria and fellow laughing club members shows the significant impact laughter has on the spirit and health in India and throughout the world.

Joy is a completely natural state

joy is a completely natural state. It’s not even an expression of a spiritual type of existence, it’s equated with life itself. if we can find some way of bridging that free abandon, that natural flow of a child with the seasoning and experience of an adult, then you’ve got yourself a winning package.

Merv’s Blog, March 2011

Well we have finally secured a venue for the 6th 2011 Australasian Laughter Yoga Conference. It will be held at the Nunyara Conference Centre in Adelaide from 7pm on Friday the 26th to 4pm on Sunday the 28th August.

Universal Laughter Room: Laugh Online, Live, 24/7

The Universal Laughter Room is a LIVE room in which, as you laugh with the laughter audio going on in the room, you are laughing with everyone else logged in from around the world at the same time. You are being asked to allow yourself to laugh. This is not a fake laughter but rather a soul laughter. Using the laughter audio in the room, simply allow yourself to begin laughing. You will be surprised at how the contagion of laughter that you’ve always known is present and ready to serve you.

Merv’s Blog, February 2011

Having worked for the last eight years in assisting my clients with developing their Business Plans, there are five things that you can do to increase your chances of success.