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Video Documentary On The Origins Of Laughter Yoga

The origins of India’s well known laughing clubs is revealed in this documentary, one of the first produced on the subject. Interviews with laughter club founder Dr. Kataria and fellow laughing club members shows the significant impact laughter has on the spirit and health in India and throughout the world.

Joy is a completely natural state

Here is a very interesting article by  Rabbi Jacobson from In a nutshell, he says that joy is a completely natural state. It’s not even an expression of a spiritual type of existence, it’s equated with life itself. if we can find some way of bridging that free abandon, that natural flow of a child with the seasoning and experience of an adult, then you’ve got yourself a winning package.

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Merv’s Blog, March 2011

2011 Conference

Well we have finally secured a venue for the 6th 2011 Australasian Laughter Yoga Conference. It will be held at the Nunyara Conference Centre in Adelaide from 7pm on Friday the 26th to 4pm on Sunday the 28th August. Their website is if you’d like to check it out. I visited it recently and it is nestled in the foothills overlooking Adelaide and will be an ideal venue. Thanks to David Cronin for helping me locate it. If you’d like to be one of our presenters at the Conference please contact me so I can get an agenda established. More exact details will follow shortly but put the dates in your diary now.

Dr Kataria Teacher Training

The Good Doctor will be conducting his 5 day Teacher Training from the 22nd to 26th August on the week prior to the Conference. If you are a Laughter Leader and want to take the next step with Laughter Yoga this training is a MUST DO. There is nothing quite like learning from the Master himself. Trust me, a week with the Good Doctor will change your life forever.

Laughter Show

On Sunday night the 28th August we will be conducting the first ever Laughter Show in Australia. It was created to bring awareness of Laughter Yoga to more people who may not attend a Laughter Club. This will be open to the General Public and will be held in a hall or theatre in Adelaide. The Good Doctor has already run several of these in India with GRRREAT feedback. As it involves a lot of audience participation the more Laughter Yoga folks we have involved the better it will be.

Make A Wish

In January I was contacted by one of our major Children Support Foundations called Make A Wish. They grant wishes to terminally ill children. On the 25th March they are holding a national Laugh For Kids on Wish Day. All details are at Someone told me recently that “if you want to go fast go alone…if you want to go far go with others.” I see this alliance as a GRRREAT way that Laughter Yoga can go even further into the future.

LYOZ Video Box

If you check out our LYOZ website you will notice that we now have a Video Box on the front page. If you have any video or You Tube clips that we can use please send them to me. The one that is there at present promoting the Sydney Laughter Club is a GRRREAT example of how effective the visual message can be. Well done Usuff.

LYOZ Facebook Page

In conjunction with this we now have a Fabebook Page Whether you love or hate Social Media it’s here to stay. Used properly it can be very effective in spreading the word on events and activities which we will list on the main website. Hop on any time and share your Laughter Yoga stories.

Scottish Charity secures a three-year grant of £62,500 to provide comedy workshops for individuals with long-term health problems

Universal Comedy, set up in Finnieston in 2004, has secured a three-year grant of £62,500 from the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation. Among those to benefit will be individuals living in Greater Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Lothians. The grant will allow the charity to provide free comedy courses aimed at improving confidence and self-esteem, as well as reducing the social isolation and depression that ill health – mental and physical – can cause.
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1h laughter practice video: Laughing our way into inner silence

Explore the connection between laughter and inner silence with Sebastien Gendry.

About this ONEARTH PRACTICE: Laughter not only strengthens our immune system, it also boosts our energy and protects us from the damaging effects of stress.  Laughter connects us to the present moment and nurtures our roots to grow. When it is shared, it will unite us together to increase our happiness and intimacy. Laughter is another tool to take us into inner silence, to create a space in us and connect with joy to the present moment.  Besides, isn’t it nice to remember not to take our spiritual paths too seriously?

Merv’s Blog, February 2011

5 Tips to be successful in 2011

Having worked for the last eight years in assisting my clients with developing their Business Plans, there are five things that you can do to increase your chances of success.

  • Ask yourself WHY do you want or need to do something.
  • Ask yourself WHAT do you need to do to make this happen.
  • Write a Plan that says WHEN this is going to be done
  • Tell others of your plan so they can help you along the way
  • Review your progress as to what IS or ISN’T working and what has to be done to rectify it if it’s not going the way you had hoped.

I have done this for Laughter Yoga and here are my 2011 Objectives.

Start a Laughter Club

While I have been involved with Laughter Yoga for more than seven years I have never started a Laughter Club. The biggest strength and point of difference of Laughter Yoga since 1995 has been the Laughter Clubs. I have found that in Australia, where it is a mature market, that club numbers are actually reducing so this needs to be turned around. The Melbourne Laughter Club starts on the 24th of this month so wish me luck.

Have a dynamic National Website

Our Laughter Yoga Australia website has seen an increase in hits and visits by more than 100% in 2010. I believe that part of this is a result of Social Media such as Facebook and Twittering increasing. It will be need to be kept alive and interesting and updated regularly so this will rely on news items and feedback from around Australia. I have assembled a team of people and ask them monthly to provide information and then will update the website accordingly.

Get a Teacher Training Program with Madan

In the last twelve months the numbers attending the Good Doctor’s Teacher Training have nearly doubled also. It is also evident that when it is combined with another event that these numbers increase even further. For this reason I have invited the Good Doctor (and he has accepted) to come and do a five day Teacher Training just prior to our 6th Australasian Laughter Yoga Conference.

Hold the 6th Australasian National Conference

The 6th Australasian Conference will be held in Adelaide in the second half of the year. We are on the verge of securing dates and venues. Adelaide has been selected as there is a need to take the Conference to the people. As Australia is such a large country it is often difficult to attend except when it is in your home State. It also gives others the opportunity to broaden their network of laughter friends.

Launch a Laughter Show

This is something that is brand new which the Good Doctor has successfully trialed in India. It opens the door to a whole new market of people who may never have attended a Laughter Club or Training. I am in discussions with a Local Business and an Events Organization to make this happen. So I have now told you my Plan of WHAT and WHY I intend to do for 2011. What’s yours??? Imagine if each and every one of us committed to doing just one extra thing for 2011 how much more successful this amazing Worldwide Social Movement could be.


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