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A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future

A good book you may want to include in your Laughter Yoga library In “A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future“, Daniel Pink argues that business and everyday life will soon be dominated by right-brain thinkers. He identifies the roots and implications of transitioning from a society dominated by left-brain thinkers into […]

Merv’s Blog, May 2013

The TV was on the other morning on one of those early morning breakfast shows, and a person from the Australian Homeopathic Association was about to be interviewed and it soon turned into an attack on alternative and/or complementary therapies, of which Laughter Yoga is one.

Laughter Insights, May 2013

Laughter Insights, the somewhere-near-monthly newsletter of the American School of Laughter Yoga. This is the May 2013 edition.

Merv’s Blog, April 2013

There is about to be an injection of Laughter Yoga into New Zealand. Laughter Yoga Australia, in conjunction with Laughter Yoga New Zealand, has put together a package that has something for everyone.

Merv’s Blog, March 2013

The message is simple really. Laugh responsibly. Remember that to get all of the benefits offered to us by laughing, it needs to be Unconditional (without jokes), Hearty (from the belly), and Constant (done for an extended period of time of between 15 and 30 minutes).

Laughter Is It

Words & music by Cindy Brown & Richard Davis Have you lost your laughter Is life no longer fun Of all the things that you can do I know the perfect one REFRAIN: Laughter yoga Ho ho ha ha ha Ho ho ha ha ha Laugh for the health of it Laugh for the joy […]

Merv’s Blog, February 2013

While it is critical that we provide Laughter Clubs and presentations for commercial enterprises, we can only do this with trained leaders, teachers, and trainers. For this reason, we have established a comprehensive calendar of training throughout Australia for 2013.