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Academics really not happy about having to be happy at work

Here is a rather-unexpected-but-not-really-surprising news from Australia: RMIT University staff will fight against a new behavioral code that demands they promote positivity and show passion at work. Why? …Ms Gale said the code threatened the ability of academic and professional staff to carry out their work. ”We’re talking about a university community. People are supposed […]

Merv’s Blog, March 2012

At the 2011 Australasian Conference we were visited by the 60 Minutes TV team. They were in “The Pursuit of Happiness” and said at the end of their segment that “they never really got happier than they did in the most infectious atmosphere of this quite mad but lovable group of Laughter Clubbers”.

Laughter Yoga enriching people’s lives in New Orleans

It may not seem like much, but how often do you hear people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis who are almost completely bound to a wheel chair say that they have found a new meaning to life after taking up a new exercise program? Watch the following video, a news report from New Orleans, LO. It’s nothing short of beautiful.

Merv’s Blog, February 2012

Running a laughter business can be a little overwhelming, and in the least confusing, unless you’ve been trained to handle these situations. For this reason I have created a 2 Day Laughter Yoga Business Training program.

Happy new Chinese year

The Year of the Black Water Dragon starts on Sunday January 22,2012. “A year to start ambitious and daring projects!

Merv’s Blog, December 2011

There is one common sentence that business people use when they are looking to purchase any sorts of goods or services and here it is…”how much money will this cost (and /or make) me?”

Merv’s Blog, November 2011

For as long as I have been involved with Laughter Yoga the media has been the greatest asset we have had. How can we make this FREE publicity work even better for us? Here is how.