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Research confirms: Laughter Yoga helps patients awaiting organ transplantation

Research shows that laughter has myriad health benefits, yet the medical community has not implemented it formally as a treatment. Patients awaiting organ transplantation have significant physical disabilities and are at risk for psychological distress. Attenuated heart rate variability (HRV) is a risk factor for a negative long-term outcome in some patients.

A recent research by the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona, showed that that laughter yoga improved HRV and some aspects of mood in patients awaiting transplants (three heart and three lung).

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News: Zimbabwe – laughter course to cope with the economy

Two women are planning to set up laughter clubs in Zimbabwe, one of the world’s most challenging economies.

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News: Laughter Yoga Steadily Growing In Indonesia

Jean-Lee Fung reports that there are now over 110 Laughter Yoga professionals in Borneo (Indonesia). “The impact of laughter is so profound that many practitioners claim they no longer need anti-depressants. The sustained positive emotions keep them coming back for more.” Lee said many participants had reported a significant health improvement with a reduction in the frequency of respiratory infections like common cold and flu while some even claimed of overcoming depression, relief or cure from chronic medical problems.

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News: NBC29 (Virginia) reports on Laughter Yoga

They say laughter is the best medicine. Combine that with the health benefits of yoga and you have a unique form of exercise that is no laughing matter. An exercise studio in Charlottesville’s ACAC Fitness Center (Virginia) was transformed into a laugh factory Friday.

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