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Video lecture: the biology of belief, and why stress kills and laughter heals

This is a fascinating lecture by Dr Bruce Lipton on the biology of belief.
“Our beliefs are altering our biology at all times, in every way.”
“Under stress you are reduced to reflex behavior = your intelligence is reduced.”
“How I see things is affecting who I am. Beliefs act as a filter between your environment and your biology.”

This will give you the science behind the quote “stress kills, laughter heals.”

Part 1

Part 2

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Dream Clown Doctors

Here is a great video about therapeutic clowns and how they help Israeli children suffering in hospitals (there are several such organizations around the world, all started following the powerful example of Dr Hunter (Patch) Adams from the Gesundheit Institute). You will see medical doctors express their gratitude to and appreciation for what these clowns are doing. To me it’s just a different aspect of the same thing: laughter heals, whatever modality you choose to use. Don’t focus on the finger, look at the moon.

Also of interest to this topic is this article from Hospital News “Not Just Clowning Around“.

Third International Congress of Hospital Clowns says laughter really is medicine

Nearly 400 clowns and doctors skilled at clowning took part in an international conference in Buenos Aires (Argentina) last week to present scientific evidence, backed by their own experience, to show why laughter was healthy. It was the third International Congress of Hospital Clowns.
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