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Laughter Insights, July 2013

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there is a saying is French that says “happy people have no history.” I am not quite sure about that.

The people I meet who are truly shining from the inside out have all faced major – sometimes very traumatic – adversity and greatly suffered. They each had to face the darkest night of their soul.

Why didn’t they die? What is it they did to be reborn out of their own ashes?

Each is a sample of one and I am not trying to draw general conclusions here, but I still observe that all have one thing in common: laughter marked a turning point in their lives. The methods they used are varied: Norman Cousins inspired many to seek humor everywhere starting in the 1960s with his miraculous recovery from a life threatening condition listening to jokes and watching funny movies (see the movie “Anatomy of an illness” for free online); the clown-doctor Patch Adams was so sad as a youth that he tried to kill himself three times before he realized that he could infuse his life with love and meaning through clowning and laughing with others (watch his TEDx testimonials). His example inspired the creation of thousand of hospital clowns groups starting in the 1970s who have since worked with 100,000s of patients. Closer to us is the worldwide Laughter Yoga phenomenon and its associated many thousands of social Laughter Clubs (find a Laughter Club near you) where people get together just to laugh, because they can, without using jokes or comedy. Of all approaches to laughter, Laughter Yoga has been so far the most succesfull because it was the first to democratize the use of laughter by turning it into a form of exercise (learn more). Laughter Wellness is now carrying the torch even further.

Because there is no historical and therefore no cultural context on a big enough scale for adults choosing to be happy and joy-filled in our society, this type of behavior is often perceived as either bizarre, funny, or silly. It is accepted as a form of entertainment but no more.

If that’s your opinion you just don’t know what you’re missing. Laughing is indeed entertaining, but that’s a free bonus. This is not why you should do it. It heals. It empowers. It connects (watch this 2 minutes videos of one man laughing at a tram stop). Each time you laugh you create a tsunami of happy and healing chemicals that you want, need, but could not pay for (assuming we knew how to manufacture them, which we still don’t.) There is more: choose to laugh as often and as much as you want. It will force you to choose to live and reframe the question “why is this happnening to me?” into “why is this happening for me?”

You don’t need to be happy or have a reason. Laughing “with” is not the same thing as laughing at; accepting your vulnerabilities is not a sign of weakness, but rather one of power because it gives you control over your fears and teaches equanimity wrapped in compassion.

Someone explained to me recently that our happiness setpoint is 50% genetic (that part can’t be changed), 10% circumstances and 40% intentional activities (the outcome of what you do on a regular basis).

You can lift that level up by practicing new habits.

There is hope. You can change. Here is how:

  • Put laughter to the test, now
  • Join or start a Laughter Club
  • It’s only once per year and it’s happening soon: participate in the 2013 All American Laughter Yoga Conference (Vancouver, BC, 8/22-25). Above and beyond the education and the networking, this is where you will meet walking miracles, litterally. This conference will be streamed and available online for a small fee. Read more and sign up.
  • Laughter Coaching has arrived! The American School Of Laughter Yoga now proudly offers one-on-one phone (or video-conferencing) laughter sessions that are tailored to your specific needs and will leave you feeling much better within 45 minutes. Every member of our team of professional Laughter Coaches has a PHD (Predominantly Humorous Disposition). They will help you unblock your clown chakra and boost the level of your humorglobins, guaranteed!

May July see you thrive!

All smiles

Sebastien Gendry
Paris, France
July 14th, 2013

Three $150 Scholarships Available For The 2013 All America Laughter Yoga Conference, Vancouver, BC, 8/22-25

Thanks to generous donors and the American School of Laughter Yoga’s own commitment to match all donations received we currently have 3 financial scholarships of $150 each available as a discount towards the registration to the 2013 All America Laughter Yoga conference that is happening in Vancouver, BC, next month. Read more about this event at http://2013.laughteryogaamerica.com

To benefit, sign up for this conference and enter the discount code SCHOLARSHIP-150 (it is case sensitive) in the indicated box below your conference selection (valid for the main 3 day events only).

Contact us for more information. These scholarships are available on a first come first served basis.

We look forward to sharing and laughing with you in Vancouver!

Upcoming Life-Changing Trainings

  • It’s only once per year and it’s happening soon: participate in the 2013 All American Laughter Yoga Conference (Vancouver, BC, 8/22-25). Above and beyond the education and the networking, this is where you will meet walking miracles, litterally. This conference will be streamed and available online for a small fee. Read more and sign up.
  • Upcoming Life-Changing Trainings



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    Merv’s Blog, July 2013

    I’m writing this newsletter at 35,000 feet as I fly across the Tasman Sea on my way back from the first ever New Zealand Laughter Yoga Conference. The Kiwis, by their own admission, are a “rather conservative lot”, and many jokes have been told by us Aussies about their main industry, sheep. As I was a guest, I was very aware of this point. I also reminded myself that Laughter Yoga is not about jokes and being funny, it’s about being fun. This is an important point to remember always in our Laughter Clubs also.

    The Conference started with a laughter session by one of their Laughter Leaders from Christchurch, Hannah Airey. As there were many people there who were being exposed to Laughter Yoga for the first time, she handled the situation beautifully, until we were all asked to lie on our backs on the floor and put our arms and legs in the air. Hannah then said “this one is especially for you Merv”. They all started to baa like sheep and laugh for no reason. It was at that point that I thought to myself…BRING IT ON ! ! ! (ha ha ha)

    An experience beyond belief

    The next two days were filled with a once in a lifetime, and life changing experiences. I know this, because this is what people were telling me during, and after the Conference, whether they were new to Laughter Yoga or not. We laughed and we played and we sang and we danced for two whole days. It was exhausting, exhilarating, inspiring, challenging, rejuvenating, and any other emotion that ends with an “ing”

    What I learned was…

    I can’t even start to tell you here the new information that I learned so I won’t. The GRRREAT news is that the whole Conference was captured on video for others to see. This video will be for sale shortly and the proceeds will assist the ongoing development of Laughter Yoga in New Zealand. If you buy one and don’t enjoy it, or learn at least one new thing, then I will personally give you your money back.

    I now have more friends…and I’m not talking Facebook

    It was a wonderful experience to meet Amazon from Japan again, as well as some other Kiwis who have come to our Conference before. But more importantly, it was the experience of making new friends, that weren’t of the imaginary ones like those on Facebook. These were real people connecting in real time with others of similar interests. My congratulations and gratitude for their hard work and hospitality, goes out to Lynda and John Andrews. You both epitomize everything that is Laughter Yoga.

    The 2013 Australian Laughter Yoga Conference

    The next Conference I’ll be heading off to, is the All American Conference at the end of August. Full details can be found at http://2013.laughteryogaamerica.com. But for many of you, and closer to home, the next chance that you have to get some of what I’ve just had, is the 2013 Australian Laughter Yoga Conference. This will be held at The Vibe Hotel in Sydney on the 19th and 20th October. Registrations will be opening shortly, and an agenda of presenters is being assembled. So put these dates in your diary and watch out for the next newsletter for full details.

    [pl_video type=”youtube” id=”we3C7gKDCms”]

    Merv’s Blog, June 2013

    Aretha Franklin got me thinking about R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    There has been a debate raging recently about facts, statistics, and data around Laughter, Humor, and Laughter Yoga. Having completed a Research Study with Deakin University last year, I now understand why they are so important. Because others believe they are. My personal challenge has been to define what facts are relevant, to what group, and why. Then Aretha Franklin came to mind. Back in 1967, she sang a song called Respect. Near the end, her backing singers warbled “re re re re re re re re respect”

    RE-al, RE-levant, RE-flective, RE-spectful

    An old National Speakers trick that I learnt, was to create acronyms, and/or metaphors, to help you remember certain things, or to make a point to an audience. So here’s my theory on facts, and stats, and data, based on Aretha’s song

    [pl_video type=”youtube” id=”aBT-g5H9Nss”]

    Are the facts RE-al???

    With the advent of the Internet, I’m not sure there is anything out there that is the truth anymore. In other words, and from what I’ve seen, it is very much about people’s opinions, rather than sound evidence. Bloggers are the new information providers, and journalists so often refer to Bloggers. The media speculates, rather than reports, and the reports are not based on evidence, but people’s speculation. So when I have to present to whatever group it is I have the good fortune to be able to share Laughter Yoga with, I make sure that my evidence is real. I just came back from opening a Medical Conference with 100 doctors in our Nation’s Capital Canberra. My information had to be sound, so I asked our own Good Doctor Kataria for some medical facts, and the folks who were there soaked it up without question. Doctors like to hear from other doctors

    Are they RE-levant???

    Being relevant is all about connecting with your audience, and getting the message across in a succinct fashion. Statistics can do this very effectively. Time and time again, I’ve heard presenters give national, or worldwide statistics, to a local community group. They only want to hear what’s happening in their territory. The Local Council has all of this, and it’s usually freely available on their website

    Are they RE-flective???

    Will the data that you provide have them thinking deeply about your message, or falling asleep because of it. I find that there is a Representative Association for just about everything. Calling them to ask about what’s happening with their Members makes them reflect. Especially when you start to take about future trends. I’ve never had an Association refuse a request from me to help their members

    RESPECT your audience

    And finally, and most importantly, your audience is not dummies. They can spot a fraud a mile away. If you don’t know the answer to something then say so, and go and find out. I remember the story about our own Good Doctor when he was embarking on his first National Tour of the USA. His grasp of the English language was limited, as was his knowledge at that time. So he decided to come up with an answer for every question, and it was “I don’t know”. From there he found out, and is who he is today because of it

    Laughter Yoga On 60 Minutes Australia

    In a lifetime of reporting, no one has ever asked Charles Wooley to go out and find ‘happiness’.

    Reporters get assigned to droughts, floods, earthquakes, wars and misery aplenty.

    But the elusive subject of human happiness? Where do you begin?

    In Australia, people are living longer and richer lives than ever; yet they’re still complaining.

    So Charles ventured forth on a strange journey of self-discovery to find out why we are so unhappy and how to put a smile back on our dials.

    [pl_blockquote cite=”Charles Wooley, Anchor 60 Minutes Australia”] “In all my wanderings in the pursuit of happiness, I never really got happier than in the most infections atmosphere of this quite mad, but loveable, group of laughter clubbers.”

    See http://sixtyminutes.ninemsn.com.au/stories/8354017/the-pursuit-of-happiness for the full transcript of this segment on the pursuit of happiness featuring Laughter Yoga.

    [pl_video type=”youtube” id=”A97EqMtAiVM”]
    Reporter: Charles Wooley
    Producer: Danny Keens

    4 Business Leads Found In The Laughter World News This Week

    The following is of interest and value to trained and able Laughter Professionals.
    Here is are 4 business leads found in the world news this week:

    From New Zealand: Builders find plenty to laugh about – 1) Call your local Convention Center and ask them about their upcoming calendar of events. They rent space to people in your target market. 2) Call the event organizers and/or visit the website for each event. Note that they usually do a call for presenters about 6 months to 1 year before the actual event. Apply to present!

    From Canada: Laughter Yoga in Schools – This one is just a reminder. There are plenty of schools everywhere. Call them and offer your services!

    From The USA: This Laughter Professional is offering a Laughter Yoga + Sound Healing evening.
    From India: This Laughter Professional partnered up with a poet and a Reiki Master for a happy evening.
    The lead: partner up with local professionals in non-competing yet complementary activities! Together you will be stronger and have more success.

    A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future

    A good book you may want to include in your Laughter Yoga library

    In “A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future“, Daniel Pink argues that business and everyday life will soon be dominated by right-brain thinkers. He identifies the roots and implications of transitioning from a society dominated by left-brain thinkers into something entirely different—although at times, he seems to be exhorting rather than observing the trend. As a narrator, Pink delivers in a well executed manner, with occasional hints of enthusiasm. He maintains a steady voice that is well suited for a business-oriented text, and his crisp pronunciation and consistent pace keeps listeners engaged and at ease.

    Guess what: there is a whole chapter in this book extolling the values and virtues of Laughter Yoga. Read extracts here.

    [pl_video type=”youtube” id=”wbxuzKJfPrQ”]

    Everything You need to know about Laughter Yoga


    Laughter Yoga is a joyful and healthy exercise regime using simulated laughter techniques and breathing exercises from the Yoga tradition. You don’t need jokes, a sense of humor or comedy. It’s very easy. It’s motto is “laugh for no reason.”

    Who? Down History Lane

    Laughter Yoga was started in 1995 by Dr Kataria, an Indian family practitioner, in a public park of Mumbai with just 5 people. It has since become a worldwide phenomenon with thousands of social Laughter Clubs on 5 continents who are spreading its message of joy, health and world peace through laughter. It was the first method to make easily accessible to the masses the many health benefits of laughter that the world of Laughter Therapy had already scientifically identified in its 30+ years of existence prior to 1995. Read more.

    What Is Laughter Yoga?

    This page has moved!
    See http://www.laughteronlineuniversity.com/laughter-yoga/

    Report from a Laughter Club: peals of laughter heal most ailments

    Here is an article – like so many – from a journalist who stumbled upon a Laughter Club in Mumbai, India. Read in this particular one the testimonial of participant Mr Sadarangani, 78, who suffered from a brain stroke last year and was bed ridden for weeks but laughter helped him get back on his feet.

    “Doctors had cited an extremely slow recovery for me after the stroke. Daily sessions of laughter yoga have resulted in eighty percent recovery which the medics have endorsed to be very speedy,” he exclaimed.

    Another man, Gopal Ganguli, 68, had a frozen shoulder which had left him debilitated for years, but vanished in a few weeks, after he began twirling his hands vigorously before exhaling deep breaths while laughing at yoga sessions.

    See http://www.dnaindia.com/health/1830762/report-peals-of-laughter-heal-most-ailments