This was my find of the day! It is a fun way to entertain friends and family and get insights into your future by using a pair of six-sided dice.

You will need 2 colored dice and 2 white dice to play this game. Either ask a question or see what messages you receive. Hold the dice, close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Throw the dice.

Look at the meanings for numbers for each color. Add the numbers for each color. Look at the meaning for both totals. Add all the dice together. Read the message for the total.

The Meaning of the Dice


Each – A time

1 to begin
2 to share
3 to be optimistic
4 to work
5 to change
6 to take responsibility

Pair of

l Fortune, luck
2 Turning point in life
3 Celebration
4 Work opportunities
5 Holiday, change, travel
6 Romance


2 A fortunate period
3 Determination pays off
4 Unexpected gain
5 Help is offered
6 Recognition of your efforts
7 Investigate other possibilities
8 Successful venture
9 Out with old, in with new
10 Good new
11 Overcome your ob tacles
12 Your dream come true


Each – Avoid

1 being dominated by others
2 being over sensitive
3 being pessimistic
4 procrastination
5 being negative
6 interfering with others

Pair of

1 I Move ahead with caution
2 Don’t let others influence you
3 Home responsibilities
4 Do what you need to do
5 Accept change
6 Legal dealings or contracts


2 Beware of illusions
3 Patience is required
4 Learn to budget
5 Be independent
6 Beware of jealousy
7 Face your problems
8 Check all details
9 Don’t expect approval
10 Matter need your attention
11 More effort is required
12 A period of waiting

Total Value of 4 Dice

4 Work need attention
5 Change or new interest
6 Check your health
7 You are missing opportunities
8 Save your money
9 Clarify your intentions
10 Things will get better
11 Pay your accounts
12 Trust your own intuition
13 Let go of the past
14 Look for a new house
15 Adapt, or change is necessary
16 Romance is in the air
17 Good fortune
18 Settle family matters
19 Gain or success
20 Phone a friend
21 Count your blessings
22 Career advancement
23 Contracts to be signed
24 Difficulties will be overcome

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Source: Happiness & Health in the Third Millenium, by Diane McInnes[/sociallocker]