This is a video about Morris Goodman, also known as “the miracle man”.

Morris Goodman survived a near-fatal plane plane crash in the early 1980s. He woke up a month later in hospital and was told he would never breathe, talk, walk nor eat on his own ever again. He was 32, and disagreed. So much so actually that he “regrew” several of his destroyed body parts and walked out of the hospital 10 months later on his own 2 feet. Let him tell you his story (see video above).

It is very similar to that of Clemens Kuby , a man who survived a 50 feet fall in the early 1980 that shattered his 2nd lumbar vertebrae and earned him a medical verdict of  “paraplegic for life”. Clemens did not accept this “diagnosis” as a life sentence in a wheel chair and experienced what can only be labeled as a “miraculous” recovery because science still can’t explain it. It’s not in the text books because it’s not logical. Clemens Kuby still has a shattered 2nd vertebrae yet he walked again in less than 1 year later and still does. Today he holds regular workshops in Germany on the power of self-healing.