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Divinity Dice

Divinity dice: a fun way to entertain friends and family and get insights into your future by using a pair of six-sided dice.

The Man In The Mirror

This poem "The Man in the Mirror" has served as a true inspiration to countless generations as a call to always strive for true honesty and respect for oneself.

Mr happy man

Johnny Barnes is a Bermuda native found waving and saying "I love you, God loves you," to passing commuters during the morning rush hour.

Singing Yourself Alive

Vocalist and improviser Will Hewett explores the language of sound beneath words. After singing 15 minutes every day for a year, Will Hewett describes--and sings--what he learned about commitment and the ability of a simple creative practice to open us to vibrancy, and to a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us.

Karaoke for the deaf

Laughter Yoga is about childlike playfulness, and has an element of mime in it. Here are some videos on the mime topic that I enjoyed watching today: . . . Then I looked for more [...]

TED talks are cool. RSA Animates are way better. Boost your creativity! Educate yourself.

The following is a very personal opinion. I am a great fan of It has opened up my mind to ways of thinking I would never have had otherwise. Lately however, I have developed an even greater liking for RSA Animates (see some examples below). Watching all these videos does take time, and I learn so much from them that personally I see it as a personal investment. Keep learning, whatever field it is you are into. There is always room for you to grow.

ABC of success

A = Avoid negative sources, people, places, things, and habits B = Believe in yourself C = Consider things from every angle