1. Get up right now and hug everyone in the house. No explanation needed. Just do it and mean it.
  2. If you walk by a parking meter that is low on time and it’s not your car, put a quarter in anyway.
  3. Move your body everyday. Run, skip, jump, play hopscotch, dance, dance, dance!
  4. Next time you go to the market, ask your elderly neighbor if you can pick up anything up for them.
  5. Pick up trash that isn’t yours and throw it away.
  6. Plant a row of vegetables and donate the fresh produce to someone you know who wouldn’t normally eat healthy, but, would enjoy your offerings because they wouldn’t want it to ‘go to waste.’
  7. Support the mom and pop stores. Family-run, small businesses may soon be a thing of the past if we only go to big, corporate warehouses for all our needs.
  8. Use good words much and often. It is always nice to hear ‘thank you’ and ‘please.’
  9. Write a ‘thank you’ note to a friend, just for them being them.