The author Jordan Ayan  in his booklet, “Ignite Your Creative Spark, 20 Ways To Fire Up Your Imagination ” offers four tools and techniques which he calls your creative CORE.

Curiosity: You must have a burning desire to know about the world and everything in it. Your curiosity drives you to wonder if something in your life can be done differently or improved.

Openness to people and ideas: You must be willing to accept people and ideas that differ from your own background. Your openness allows you to explore new paths and diverse opinions, which lead to new ideas.

Risk Tolerance: You must walk through life unafraid to take a risk now and then. Your ability to tolerate risk may put you out on the edge once in a while, but that’s where the newest ideas and biggest payoffs are.

Energy: You must maintain a boundless energy for life, for helping others, and for making yourself a better thinker. Your energy keeps your mind constantly moving and thinking.

Take time to use your creative CORE. Take time everyday to explore. Do something different, talk to someone with a different perspective. Ask questions! Remember, your creativity and innovation is important.

Written in Creativity Fringes, ed. Karl H. Mettke