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Breast cancer survivor now much happier

By Anna (Denmark): I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2000, had to be operated and undergo chemotherapy treatments afterwards. I was frustrated and angry. This was a very painful experience for me. Somehow I heard about Laughter Yoga at that point and thought it could maybe help me alleviate the pain.

Saved From Suicide By A Laughter Club

Mr K N Radhakrishnaiah, now 61 years old, worked as an engineer with a government department in a small town near Bangalore called Almatti. In 2002 colleagues framed him with false corruption charges. He went into deep depression, lost interest in life and decided to commit suicide.

30 years of never-ending illnesses now gone

Here is the story of Mr Vishwamohan from Andhra Pradesh, India, who suffered from chronic diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac problems and ultimately diabetic neuropathy for over 30 years and had almost given up on life. Today Mr Vishwamohan feels healthier than he has in his entire life. He firmly believes that laughter yoga helped him rejuvenate and nurtured him back to good health.

30 years Veteran Yoga Studio Owner says Laughter Yoga is powerful stuff

Pedro Hernandez (Mexico): I have been a professional Hatha Yoga teacher for 10 years - practicing for 30 - and own a Yoga studio in Mexico City. I participated in a Laughter Yoga session for the first time in January 2008 and the effect was profound, almost similar to some of the rare experiences I have had during either Hatha Yoga or meditation classes in 30 years of practice.

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