By Alex Sternick (Israel): I have had a very difficult childhood surrounded by violence and faced many traumas which made me very neurotic, depressed, pessimistic and full of fears. There never was any laughter, joy or satisfaction in my life. As a young man the army also contributed to my loneliness and low self esteem. This was before 2003. In 2003 I discovered Laughter Yoga while on sabbatical vacation in India.

Alex Sternick: Laughter Yoga Changed my life

Alex Sternick: Laughter Yoga Changed my life

Laughter Yoga has changed my life for the better

After I left India I went to Ethiopia where I actively practiced Laughter Yoga. A year later I returned to Israel and wanted to promote my first Laughter Yoga club there. I invited Dr. Kataria and started peace building activities through laughter among the war ravaged Jews and Arabs. I learnt that only when we let go of  judgments, interpretations and expectations, we really to start laugh from within.

Laughter Yoga has changed my life for the better. It has helped me shift from being a complaining and self victimized person to someone who creates his own reality and helps others to imbibe the power of laughter. I’m pleased and amazed to see how individuals become less negative and are more accepting of circumstances. Laughing really allowed me to become the master of my immune system and vital forces.