Laughter Yoga builds in many ways on theatrical improvisational games. I have found plenty of brilliant laughter exercises ideas in

All games aren’t relevant (I personally do not relate to the theatrical acting part) and still many are. All you have to do is leave your mind at home and speak with your body.

Here are some of the Improv’ theatre “rules of engagement”:

  • Trust yourself and your partner in any interaction.
  • Move things forward by saying “Yes, and…”. In other words, don’t negate or deny by saying “Yes, but…”.
  • Go somewhere or say something; it doesn’t have to be perfect. Physically putting yourself in motion often works to get your brain in motion.
  • Make statements rather than ask questions.
  • Make assumptions to start moving the action forward. (Remember that you’re just looking for a place to start; you don’t have to stay there.)
  • Give and take: this applies to attention, focus, ideas, and respect.
  • Listen, watch, and concentrate.
  • Play to the top of your intelligence. Don’t go for easy laughs — you’re smarter than that.