Life is beautiful and spring is now in full bloom. Things couldn’t be more perfect and yet the dance of death, pain and overall turmoil for human beings never takes a break.
I’ve heard many disturbing news over the past few weeks, and met too many people in pain or facing severe financial or personal hardships to not become aware of something deeper at work. Some of my close friends almost died (literally) or found out the hard way that their days were counted; others saw their parents either die or be crippled by strokes or other debilitating health issues; others still were faced with major financial challenges – leading for some of them to a lost home and total bankruptcy. And more.

Ha ha ha?

Life is not funny, and yet what is there that we can’t laugh about?

I’ve also been inspired beyond words in that same timeframe by watching how these same people faced their fears and addressed their challenges head on rather than give in to despair and depression. All without exception chose to smile and laugh, move on, do their best.

Somehow tuned in I discovered and shed tears of gratitude reading the poetry of Tomihiro Hoshino and watching the last lecture of Andy Pausch. One became quadriplegic at age 24 and went on to reinvent his life by painting with his mouth. The other is dying from pancreatic cancer and shared a unique message of hope with the world.

What you heard was correct. You will bleed and it will hurt. And it’s never that bad. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.