The Year of the Black Water Dragon starts on Sunday January 22,2012, with New Year’s Eve and begins on 2/23 with Chinese New Year’s Day.


As quoted in ‘ The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes ‘

“A year to throw caution to the four winds and roll up your sleeves for all sorts of grandiose, exhilarating, colossal, over ambitious and daring projects!

The indomitable spirit of the Dragon will inflate everything to larger than life size.  Somehow we will find ourselves bubbling with excess energy.  However, it will be wise not to overestimate ourselves or our potentials in this combustible year.

Things appear better than they actually are – sometimes. On the brighter side, business will be good and money can be generated or obtained easily. Orientals consider this to be an auspicious year to get married, have children, or start a new business, as the benevolent Dragon brings good fortune and happiness. ”

May you and your loved ones experience all the best this Dragon Year has to offer!