Just a thought: you can’t be serious about laughter because that very seriousness eventually kills it. Laughter is unreasonable (read “outside of reason”) and as such playfulness is the fertilizer that makes it thrive. Take that away and what’s left will in time become stale and wither. The most successful laughter clubs around the world all know this, either consciously or unconsciously: playfulness is much more fun.

How to play? Dr Kataria pointed out last year that the thought had come to him in one of his daily meditations that “joy” manifests through laughing, playing, dancing and singing. I found that comment particularly relevant because it echoed what I later read in “The Gospel Of Sri Ramakrishna” (Sri Ramakrishna was an Hindu saint from the late 1800s):

“…God is directly present in the man who has the pure heart of a child and who laughs and cries and dances and sings in divine ecstasy.”

Practice makes perfect.

P.S.: The following 2 videos are unrelated to Laughter Yoga and still illustrate the importance of “being”. Enjoy!