Just like there are many different forms of humor, there are also many different understandings of Laughter Yoga and ways to practice it. Some you may relate to, and others you may not.
A fairly common discussion in the well-thinking circles of the world Laughter Yoga community is to try to (if need be forcefully) formalize what Laughter Yoga is and what it is not, how it can and how it can’t be practiced for the sake of “the movement” (allow me to remind you that the core concept of Laughter Yoga is to laugh for no reason.)

Yes, some people are truly incompetent and one may choose to believe that because they claim the Laughter Yoga affiliation, they also give everybody else a bad name.

Yes, and.

Think about fire. Think about dynamite. Think about nuclear power. Are these good or bad? The answer is neither. They’re neutral. Fire will cook the food and burn the house. Either way is your choice. Laughter Yoga is like that. Ney, life is like that.

Consider that it is like water. The only way to ensure that water flows far and wide is to allow it to take on the color, shape and any other attribute of the environment it is in, all the time and without any restrictions.

There is but one ingredient and one only: laughter. Everything else is man made and I chose to believe that whatever the flavor is, it serves a purpose.

You may have heard before the quote that says

“Love is a greater power than hate. Whatever you say, say it with love. Harm no one. Judge not others. Hate none, love all. Think of everything in terms of universality.”

As such understand that I echo and fully stand behind the position of my teacher, Dr Kataria: love them all.