Here is a great article that explains the importance of play in our lives:

“Adults have a few problems, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. Some three out of four doctor visits are stress-related. A doctor in Wisconsin told me that 90 percent of her patients have depleted adrenal glands, the result of the stress response pouring out adrenaline around the clock. American businesses squander $344 billion a year on stress-related costs, according to data from Middle Tennessee State University. Yet grown-ups insist on unilateral disarmament when it comes to one of the best stress buffers there is: play.

We would rather ruminate on troubles — which fuels them — than use a resource that’s right at our fingertips and cheaper than the last trip to the pharmacy. Turning your back on play makes about as much sense as swearing off laughing and has about the same effect: locking in the overseriousness that reinforces that you are too busy, besieged or important to let your hair down.”

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