Friday, 01/14/2010

Public Speaking

Introduction tip
When someone is going to introduce you, help them and yourself by giving them a short paragraph of what to say. Print it in a large font with spaces between each line, on heavy-grade paper. But remember to ask them not to start by saying, “Our speaker has asked me to read this”…!

Q&A tip
Q&A sessions tend to end with a lame, “Well, if no one has any more questions…”. It is a better idea to encourage people to ask questions during the session, and/or to come see you after the session.

Good Business Practices

Free Press Release Distribution Service is great to send out press releases and articles and it doesn’t cost anything. Submissions quickly show up on Google.

Online Courses
Take and build online courses on any subject:

Of Interest In The News This Week

Technology Corner

Video Making Tip
You can learn the basics of how to make good promotional videos for free at

Track Flight Status
Here is a useful website to help you track flight status:

Sources: Google Alerts