The following is of interest and value to trained and able Laughter Professionals.
Here is are 4 business leads found in the world news this week:

From New Zealand: Builders find plenty to laugh about – 1) Call your local Convention Center and ask them about their upcoming calendar of events. They rent space to people in your target market. 2) Call the event organizers and/or visit the website for each event. Note that they usually do a call for presenters about 6 months to 1 year before the actual event. Apply to present!

From Canada: Laughter Yoga in Schools – This one is just a reminder. There are plenty of schools everywhere. Call them and offer your services!

From The USA: This Laughter Professional is offering a Laughter Yoga + Sound Healing evening.
From India: This Laughter Professional partnered up with a poet and a Reiki Master for a happy evening.
The lead: partner up with local professionals in non-competing yet complementary activities! Together you will be stronger and have more success.