It is interesting to observe how Laughter Yoga slowly seeps into mainstream American culture. In today’s news: 4 Narcotic-Free Ways to Cope With Dysfunctional Family Holidays. 3 are products or supplements. The 4th one is…Laughter Yoga.

In the author’s own words:

No experience with Downward Dogs required. This form of yoga employs laughing, and breathing, to boost endorphins, increase circulation, and “dislodge blocked emotions” (you know, so you don’t become totally passive-aggressive with your hubby when he decides to watch Family Guy for the forty-bazillionth time instead of do the dishes).

In other words, between the burnt sweet potatoes and late guests, you might do well to laugh your ass off! No jokes required. Don’t know what to crack up about? Here are some laughter yoga exercises to get the ball rollin’.

Dr Andrew Weil told a US Senate committee earlier on this year, during a hearing about health-care reform, that Laughter Yoga could help lower American health-care costs.

We could not agree more.