This is a nervous stand-up comedian’s dream audience. Not only will they laugh at anything, apparently they will also laugh at absolutely nothing. Laughter yoga, yes seriously, has become a popular stressbuster worldwide. It originated in Mumbai with Dr Madan Kataria who combined breathing exercises from yoga with laughter. The premise is that laughter — spontaneous or contrived — releases endorphins in the body that relieve anxiety.

Now, The Christian Science Monitor points us to a group of people in Mumbai who claim they “can’t live without it.” Every morning they gather at the Gateway of India to practice this off-shoot of yoga. It all begins quite innocently with some stretching exercises before it begins to look like a street audition for the wicked witch of the west.

It’s almost impossible to watch the video without chuckling along yourself. Even if you’re laughing at, rather than with, you’ll probably finish with a smile, a lighter mood and will have unwittingly proven the point these happy folk are trying to make.

Source: CNN Asia