Laughter Yoga is a powerful form of complementary medicine. While “proper” scientific evidence remains scarce, the healing impact such a simple method has worldwide on tens of thousands of men and women of all ages, fitness and health levels cannot be belittled and dismissed as pure chance. Why wait for your doctor to tell you that laughing is good for you to try it out?

What defines “scientific” is a specific protocol that anybody can apply anytime, anywhere, and get the exact same outcome. Get anybody to laugh for 30 minutes to 1h as a form of exercise and all will describe the same thing: feeling relaxed & energized, present, connected, reduced pain assuming the pain has not completely disappeared, and overall a better, stronger self-image.

It is therefore not surprising to see more and more physicians recommend to their patients that they try it out (there are thousands of Laughter Clubs worldwide, and even more professional Laughter Yoga instructors.)

Some even go a step further and teach it themselves. In today’s news: “Dr. Funshine” prescribes laughter yoga for seniors.

“It’s a Thursday afternoon at the Live Well center in San Diego and a group of seniors are skipping, clapping and hooting in the recreation room.
That’s precisely what Dr. Caroline Meeks, aka “Dr. Funshine” ordered. As part of her holistic practice, Meeks, a physician and author, visits senior centers and hospitals aiming to treat chronic seriousness.”

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