ENTON, MO (KTVI-FOX2now.com) – It looks like an ordinary yoga class. Contemplative. Disciplined. Serious. So what’s everybody laughing about? Would you believe, nothing? It’s called “laughter yoga” – exercise for the funny bone.

Instructor Jodi Hart explains, “Laughter is extremely healthy. You cannot laugh and stress at the same time.” But it seems you can laugh and do yoga at the same time. If you believe the laugh-math, 20 minutes of cracking up equals an hour of aerobics.

“Once it gets going it gets to rolling and the next thing I know I am out of control. So don’t start,” says Sandra Dyer.

They don’t tell jokes. There’s no tickling or slipping on banana peels. Here, your classmates are simply laughing at you and with you.

Joseph Calandro says, “What’s so funny? Because you’re laughing, he’s laughing. I’m laughing because you’re laughing. That’s it.”

To keep the chuckles coming, there is the occasional stuffed monkey toss and some other monkey business.

But having a sense of humor is not required explains Hart, “Yeah, some of it is faking. You want to fool your body into feeling happy and acting happy does that, your body thinks you’re happy, so it feels better.”

“This may seem like something that started someplace hippy dippy, but laughter Yoga actually began in the same place as serious yoga. India.”

“Before this I was at my computer 8 to 12 hours a day.” Sandra Dyer says for years, agoraphobia left her afraid to go out in public. Today, she credits laughter yoga with improving her outlook and her health, “I think it helps lower my blood pressure. I have blood pressure issues, too. I’m a mess ain’t I?”

Among those who seriously believe humor is healthy is this chiropractor, who says it has been proven that laughing creates an endorphin rush which makes you feel better, though laughing for 20 minutes can take stamina, “Toward the end I got tired, you are laughing so loud.”

Since its creation in 1995, 7,000 laughter clubs have formed around the world. Because of the Internet, Hart says there is now even more mirth across the Earth, “You can go on Skype. There is a Skype laughter club every Sunday night and you can laugh with people from around the world on Skype. There’s a telephone laughter club five times a day. You can call a free number and laugh with a live person. So laughter is out there if you want to find it.”

Sure, all this may seem a little funny to you, but to these people, it’s no joke.