CNN Asia shares “20 truly odd relaxation techniques”. From red wine baths to skin-eating fish and placenta facials, these de-stress methods range from the extravagantly soothing to the truly bizarre. Here is the full list:

1. Stumble around in a pool of red wine
2. Be eaten alive by fish
3. Lie down on hot stones
4. Feel like a newborn with a human placenta facial
5. Spread nightingale poop on your face
6. Get the vampire treatment from leeches
7. Scream your frustrations away
8. Double over with laughter yoga
9. Rejuvenate your energy, Tibetan-style
10. Stoke the flames with tantric tai chi
11. Be a human pincushion
12. Burn your skin with mugwort cigars
13. Release anxieties with fiery suction cups
14. Scrape away toxins with a spoon
15. Tap the pain away
16. Drip oil onto the third eye
17. Hold your nose and swallow feng dou
18. Float in the air with transcendental meditation
19. Rotate baoding balls in your palm
20. Bake in a Korean kiln sauna