It’s easy: all you have to do is look here once a week.

This week:

Depression is on the rise. Know your statistics. Quote official sources. This is invaluable in helping  your prospective  clients understand that Laughter Yoga is not a frivolous expense but a very valid investment. What we do is scientifically proven to work.

Caregivers need Laughter Yoga. Have you contacted your local groups lately?

More and more people are making Laughter Yoga their full time job. Network. Learn from them.

Seniors need to laugh and greatly benefit from it. There are 75 millions of them out there. Why not contact your local retirement communities.

What’s happening around the world can help you. Apparently ” the school syllabus somewhere in India has an entire chapter about laughter clubs and the importance of laughter to human health. If it’s done there, it could be done here. Why not contact your local schools and propose a demo session to either staff or students?

Are you hesitant to take action? Know that we have been working for months now on creating  an online Laughter Yoga University to train, help and support professionals in the field. Check it out. It will be completed soon and provide you with all the tools  and knowledge you need to be successful.