Smiling is good for you!

It is believed that the Duchenne smile (named after the French researcher Guillaume Duchenne) is the only form of what one could call the “genuine” smile. It is achieved when your curl your upper lip inward and smile with your mouth as much as with your eyes.

The “Pan American smile,” on the other hand is the smile expressed to show politeness, for example by a flight attendant on the former airline with the same name. It only involves the muscles of the mouth and not the eyes.

The Duchenne Smile vs Pan American Smile

If you don’t think the Duchenne Smile can change your mood

Try the following facial expressions and see how they make you feel

If you don’t think you can spot the difference between a fake smile and a true (Duchenne) Smile

Can you spot a fake smile?

More valuable links on the value and importance of smiling

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