An international team of researchers and institutions are looking for participants for a research project on wellbeing. They want to capture the entire picture of what it means to be healthy and most importantly, track people to understand how they change over time. This is the first study of its kind to look in depth at people’s wellbeing from around the world. It’s also a great opportunity to create research data for Laughter Yoga on a worldwide basis!

Can you dedicate 2h of your time over 1 entire year to answer online questions (30 minutes the first time, 15 minutes every 3 months after that)? All survey respondents who complete the five assessments will go into the draw to win one of ten $100 vouchers.

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The fine print

  • To participate, you need to be 16 years of age or older and fill out this same study in every third month for a year – five times in total.
  • The survey takes around 30 minutes to complete (making your total commitment about 2 hours or so over the year). This survey is only open to those who commit to undertake all five identical surveys.
  • After you have completed the five assessments, you will receive an e-mail summary report of your scores. This report will further explain the questions we asked, provide more detail about the study, and also show you how your answers compare to those of others who answered the survey.
  • All survey respondents who complete the five assessments will go into the draw to win one of ten $100 vouchers! There will also be a draw for one $100 voucher at each assessment point. The draws will be made by a constable from the Wellington central police station, New Zealand.
  • All survey respondents will be offered an option to opt-in to free wellbeing orientated courses after they have completed the first three assessments.
  • The study is voluntary, and you are free to withdraw at any stage before your data is collated at the end of your assessment. The results of this research will be published – but only in a form that ensures you cannot be identified, assuring strict confidentiality (you do not need to provide your name).