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1.   [G]  I        [D] should have [G] known [D] better [G] with a [D] girl like you [Em] That i  would love [G] everything that  you  do [C]  and i do [Em] Hey  hey hey [D] and i do [G]

2.   [D] Woh oh [G] woh oh [D] i        [G] never [D] realised [G] what [D] a kiss could be [Em] This could [G] only  happen to [Em] me can’t you [C] see can’t you see [B7]

3.   [Em]  That when I [C]  tell you  that i [G] love you, oh [B7] [Em] Your gonna [C] say you [G] love [G7] me too   oh
[C] And [D] when i [G] ask  you to  be mine ………[Em] [C]  your [D] gonna say you  love me too [G].

4.  [D] Sooo [G]  I        [D] should have [G] realized [D] a lot [G] of [D] things [Em] before
If this is [G] love you  got to [D] give me more [Em] Give  me more [C] hey hey [D] hey give me more [G]



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