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G] Sitting in the morning [B] sun
I’ll be [C] sitting when the evening [A] comes
[G] Watching the ships [B] roll in
And I [C] watch ‘em roll away a[A] gain
[G] Sitting on the dock of the [E7] bay
Watching the [G] tide roll a [E7] way
I’m just [G] sitting on the dock of the [A7] bay
Wasting [G] time [E7] {eoc}
I [G]left my home in [B] Georgia
Headed [C] for the ‘Frisco [A] bay
‘Cause I [G] had nothin to [E] live for
And look like [C] nothing’s gonna come my [A] way
So I’m just…{c:Refrain}
[G] Look like [C7] nothing’s gonna change
[G] Every [D] thing [C7] still remains the same
[G] I can’t [D] do what [C7] ten people tell [G] me to do
[F] So I guess I’ll re [D] main the same
[G] Sittin here resting my [B] bones
And this [C] loneliness won’t leave me [A] alone
It’s [G] two thousand miles I [B] roamed
Just to [C]make this dock my [A] home
Now, I’m just…{C:Refrain}