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#1 (A)Trailers for (D)sale or rent,
(E)rooms to let (A)fifty cents,
No phone, no (D)pool, no pets,
(E)I ain’t got no cigarettes,
Ah, but (A)two hours of (D)pushin’ broom,
buys a (E)eight by ten (A)four bit room,
I’m a man of (D)means by no means, (E)King of the (A)Road,
#2 Third boxcar (D)midnight train,
(E)destination (A)Bangor Main,
Old worn out (D)suit and shoes,
(E)I don’t pay no union dues,
I smoke (A)old stogies (D)I have found,
(E)short but not too (A)big around,
I’m a man of (D)means by no means, (E)King of the (A)Road,
#3 I know (D)every engineer on (A)every train,
(E)All of their children and (A)all of their names,
And (D)every handout in (A)every town,
And (E)every lock that ain’t locked when no ones around—#1