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G] To lead a [Bm] better life,
[Bb] I need my love to be [D7] here.

[G] Here,   [Am7] [Bm] making each day [C] of the [G] year [Am7] [Bm] Changing my [C] life with a [B7] wave of her [B7] hand,
[B7] Nobody [B7] can deny [Em] that there’s [Am] something [Am7] there. [D7] [G] There, [Am7] [Bm]   running my [C] hands through her [G] hair [Am7] [Bm] Both of us [C] thinking how [B7-F#] good it can [B7] be
[B7-F#] Someone is [B7] speaking, but [Em] she doesn’t [Am] know [Am7] he’s [D7] there.

Chorus:  (x2)
I [F7] want her [Bb] everywhere [Gm] And if [Cm] she’s beside me [D7] I know I need [Gm] never care.
[Cm] But to love her [D7] is to need her [G] everywhere [Am7] [Bm] Knowing that love [C] is to [G] share,  [Am7] [Bm] Each one [C] believing that [B7-F#] love never [B7] dies
[B7-F#] Watching her [B7] eyes, and [Em] hoping I’m [Am] always there. [Am7  D7]     (2nd time )

I will be [G] there, [Am]   and [Bm] everywhere.[C] [G] Here, [Am7] there, and [Bm] everywhere. [G]

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