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Hey momma don’t ya treat me wrong   E
Come and love your daddy all night long    E
all right now, hey hey, all right       A7 E  B7    … E B7
See the girl with the diamond ring   E
She knows how to shake that thing   E
All right now now now, hey hey, hey hey   A7 E  B7     …E B7
Tell your Mama   E
Tell your Pa   E
I’m gonna send you back to Arkansas   E
Oh yes maam, you don’t do right, don’t do right   A7 E  B7
… E B7
When you see me in misery   E
Come on baby see about me   E
Now yeah, all right, all right,      A7 E  B7    …. E B7

See the girl with the red dress on   E
She can do the boogie all night long   E

Ya ya, what I say, all right    A7 E  B7     E B7 repeat rest of way
Well tell me what I say, tell me what id say right now, tell me what I say….
And I wanna know…I wanna know right now…yeah….
Hey – Hoh      Hey – Hoh     Hey – Hoh
Make me feel so good….yeah
Hey – Hoh     Hey – Hoh     Hey – Hoh
Its all right, right now
Whoa shake that thing right now
Feel alright now…etc

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