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#1. [C] Beneath this snowy [Am] mantle cold and [Dm] clean,
the[G]unborngrasslieswaiting for its[G7]coattoturnto(C)green
The [C] snowbird sings the [Am] song he always [Dm] sings,
and [G] speaks to me of flowers that will [G7] bloom again in [C] spring.

#2. When[C] I was young my[Am]heart was young then[Dm]to
Any [G] thing that it would tell me, that’s the [G7] thing that I would [C] do.
But [C] now I feel such [Am] emptiness with[Dm]in..
for the [G] thing that I want most in life is the [G7] thing that I can’t [C] win.

CHORUS: [C] Spread your tiny [Am] wings and fly [Dm] away, and [G] take the snow back with you where it [G7] came from on that [C] day.
The [C] one I love for[Am]ever is un[Dm]true,
and[G]if I could youknow that I would[G7]fly away with[C]you

#3. The [C] breeze along the [Am] river seems to [Dm] say,
So little[C]snowbird take me [Am] with you when you [Dm]go,
to that [G] land of gentle breezes where the [G7] peaceful waters [C] flow.


Yeah, if [G] I could you know that I would [F] fly.y.y.y…a..[Dm] way with [C] you.