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Oh she may be weary G Em
Those young girls, they do get weary Am D
Wearing that same old shaggy dress G F E E7
But when she gets weary Am
You try a little tenderness D G
I know she’s waiting G Em
Just anticipating Am D
The thing that you’ll never, never possess no, no, no G F E E7
But, while she’s there waiting Am
Try just a little bit of tenderness D G
That’s all you got to do
Bridge: Now it’s not just sentimental no C Bm
But she has her griefs and cares Em A
But the soft words they are spoke so gentle, yeah, yeah, yeah C B
And it makes it easier, easier to bear Am C D7
You won’t regret it, no no G Em
Them young girls they don’t forget it Am D
Love is their whole happiness yeah, yeah, yeah G F E E7
But it’s all so easy Am
all you got to do is try D
Try a little tenderness G E E7
You’ve got to [A] Hold her [B] Squeeze her
Never leave her C C# Now get to her D D#
Got got got to E
Try a little tenderness F F# G F E
You’ve got to [A] Hold her [B] Don’t squeeze her
Never leave her [C C#] You’ve got to (break) [D] Try a little tenderness F F# G F E