How to stop worrying and start living

Dale Carnegie wrote a most inspiring book in 1944 titled "How to stop worrying and start living". Over 6 million copies have been sold since then. This book is not the author's opinion on what one could do to stop worrying but rather the compiled wisdom of hundreds of people who faced major adversity in their life and what they did to overcome their own worries. Here is one of the many suggested methods:

Laughing on demand vs Laughing on command

I recently read a blog from Dr Kataria responding to an actor who said he could easily laugh on command and was wondering what more Laughter Yoga could teach him (a lot!). Dr K's reply was outstanding as usual, and I took the liberty to build on it. Here it is:

Why laughter can heal you: stress theory vs germ theory

There are two may theories when it comes to disease: the germ theory and the stress theory. The germ theory states that germs are the culprits that make you sick. The stress theory states that germs are already inside of you, in bigger and larger numbers that you’ll ever know.

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