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When laughter really is the best medicine

Two years ago, Jody Ross was suffering from fibromyalgia-related pain, sleep apnea, chronic fatigue and mood disorders. Laughter Yoga changed her life. Today she no longer uses drugs for pain or sleep. What did she do? She laughed.

The Smile Solution

Are you smiling or frowning to yourself? Smiling is the secret to health and serenity according to several spiritual traditions. The Inner Smile practice propounds that when we smile like a Buddha, the world beams back.

Laughter Yoga helps with the pangs in a grief journey

Laugh for no reason? You just need to be willing to try. Participants in nurse Patty Freier's grief seminar at Childers Place had lost spouses, children, a brother or a sister an did just that. They got silly, let it go and gave themselves permission to laugh. "I liked it. I had one of those days where it was hard to stop crying, and I haven't had one of those in awhile," said Dianna Price after they were finished. "This was really good for me. Your mental outlook begins to change."

News: Yoga teacher brings laughter to seniors in Michigan

Joan Dietrich, 67, of Norton Shores signed up for Laughter Yoga, hoping to lower her high blood pressure. After just one night of class, her blood pressure dropped into the normal range. "The next day, I had a happy, wholesome feeling," she says. That's the point, says Cheryl Oliver, the class instructor. Since she's been doing Laughter Yoga, she handles stress better -- whether someone cuts her off in traffic or ...

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