breast cancer survivor

Breast cancer survivor now much happier

By Anna (Denmark): I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2000, had to be operated and undergo chemotherapy treatments afterwards. I was frustrated and angry. This was a very painful experience for me. Somehow I heard about Laughter Yoga at that point and thought it could maybe help me alleviate the pain.

Cancer survivor started a Laughter Club as an alternative to attending serious support groups.

Jennifer Fielder, a breast cancer survivor, started AhLAFska to aid fellow employees at the hospital, although most who attend this haven of hilarity hail from the wider community. "Cancer support groups are excellent for some people, but I found them to be kind of a downer," she said. "This is a positive way to let emotions out, and a great stress reducer." This laughter club is now in its 4th year and going strong.

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