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Dr Andrew Weil finds Laughter Yoga “fascinating”

Renowned Dr Andrew Weil recently told a Senate committee, during a hearing about health-care reform, that Laughter Yoga could help lower American health-care costs. Here is what he wrote about Laughter Yoga in his “tip of the day” on www.drweil.com:
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News: Australians Say We Love Laughter Yoga!

Sydney, Australia:  I walked into my first laughter yoga class expecting to see a hippie in a tie dyed shirt and leggings. I did not expect my yoga teacher to be a lawyer. And I certainly didn’t expect to be rolling around on the floor laughing with a bunch of people I’d never met before. But that’s exactly what happened.

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News: Laughter Yoga On Long Island, Where Students Crack Up To Calm Down

As you meander down the long, quiet corridors of the Great Neck Adult Education Center, you’re reminded of the sounds and smells of elementary school. The muted voices and shuffling of feet that echo down a narrow hall, the arid scent of stale books and wooden furniture. Then you hear laughing. A lot of laughing. Deep, cackling, hysterical laughing. Suddenly, it ceases, and a chant begins. “Ho, ho, ha ha ha,” go the voices, like witches practicing a spell, clapping in unison with each syllable uttered. “Ho, ho, ha ha ha.”
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