TED talks are cool. RSA Animates are way better. Boost your creativity! Educate yourself.

The following is a very personal opinion. I am a great fan of It has opened up my mind to ways of thinking I would never have had otherwise. Lately however, I have developed an even greater liking for RSA Animates (see some examples below). Watching all these videos does take time, and I learn so much from them that personally I see it as a personal investment. Keep learning, whatever field it is you are into. There is always room for you to grow.

Inspiration: Infinite Potential, Unlimited Possibilities

I want to cry. Sometimes beauty is just too much to take. Here is a collection of short videos that illustrate the infinite potential of human creativity. Some are done by professionals who obviously put a lot of thought into their act. Others are impromptu recordings of events that just "manifested" and will never be again. The point is that Life is for the living. Express yourself!

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